Friday, 1 November 2013

Whakawhanaungatanga - Positive Relationships

We HAVE to celebrate Jamie's wonderful first week at school. At school everything is very new. Going to the playground with ALL the other kids can seem very scary. But that's OK, you can do what Jamie did and walk with the duty teacher while you get used to it. All the Russell Street adults want you to feel safe and happy on the playground.
Jamie also has some GREAT friends in the Little Einsteins and they all said "Come and play with us!"
And on Friday, Jamie did! Her mum and dad told her she could do it, too, and so, with lots of encouragement from her family and her friends and the teachers, she said "Today I don't want to walk with the duty teacher." And there's Jamie with Lizzy, off having a wonderful time.
What a lovely example of our focus school value this term! And well done, Jamie!

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