Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Learning Targets

Today Carolyn showed us this picture:
We thought they were circles or a disc or a CD or a swirly lollipop.
Carolyn drew some circles on the carpet (it's OK - they will vacuum away!) and we tried to flick counters all the way into the middle:

It was tricky - here are some things we remembered saying:
I can't do it!
Yes you can - keep trying!
Can you help me?`
I can help you - do it like this...
It's embarrassing!
It's annoying!
That took me SEVEN hops!
My finger was getting owies and red when we were flicking!
Give Reagan a clap! He did it!

What great learning language.
Now we have targets to show how we are doing with our number writing. We are learning to write numbers 1-10. Gold hi-lighter means I can do it, pink means I want to work on this one. Here are our numbers today:

Come and see what we drew on the targets next to them!

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  1. Wow - fantastic goal setting guys. No wonder you have all learnt so much in this last week when you are taking ownership of your learning. How clever you all are!