Thursday, 23 October 2014

"What are matches?"

Today, Harry, Ella and Alec read "Sausages". In the story, Tom brings Dad the matches. Before we read the story, Carolyn asked us if we knew what matches were. To begin with, we were not very sure at all so we had quite a conversation about matches! We talked about what they did and what they looked like. We all have gas BBQs with buttons to turn them on - we don't use matches.
So we googled to find pictures of matches. Here they are. They are not the same as candles, but Alec did think he had seen someone lighting candles WITH matches! Matches are for adults to use because they are fire and we need to be very careful.
"Matches" has chunks in it - parts of words we know; "at" is in there, and "ch". 
We used those clues to help us read the word.

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